Comic 47 - Tracy Beanz
16th Aug 2019, 12:41 PM
Tracy Beanz
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Author Notes:
NormKarsh edit delete
After visiting the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, I did a series of comics with a single illustration repeated six times (“Theory of Repetition”). This one is a tribute to Tracy Beanz, featuring George Costanza. I stuck it over in “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag” for a while, but then thought it might be nice to lighten up “Conspiracy MF Presents” for a bit.
NormKarsh edit delete
Responding to THING 1: You gotta understand. I draw for maybe a half hour a week. You’re lucky my drawings are roughly identifiable as human.
User comments:
thing 1 (Guest) edit delete reply
I wondered who this "George" was. Couldn't identify him. I thought George Costanza wore glasses. o-o