Comic 20 - Me Like Facebook
29th Nov 2018, 6:47 PM
Me Like Facebook
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Author Notes:
NormKarsh edit delete
The pens I’d been using to ink over my pencils started running out, so I used a new pen that inked so thick, it’d bleed into the paper almost as soon as it touched it -- Maybe I should mention too that I use pads from the Dollar Store to do my pencil sketching, and run-of-the-mill typing paper to do my inks. In order to ink this picture of Schumer I had to ink fast and not let the pen rest. I liked the final effect. The lines are a lot thicker than in similar pictures done at this time … such as my illustrations of Beto and John Tory (Both of which appear in my webcomic “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag”). This sort of pen would probably not work well on any illustration where you might have to hesitate while inking a line.