Comic 15 - Civil Rights Cards #3
13th Sep 2018, 7:38 PM
Civil Rights Cards #3
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Author Notes:
NormKarsh edit delete
Again, you’re into aspects of history beyond me. What is clear is that Martin Luther King was republican, as was his right-hand man (Ralph Abernathy), and Abernathy was onboard with the Reagan candidacy. They’d seen the democrat alternative in full-swing in Chicago and hated it.

…and while I’m not familiar with the specific allegations you make about Nixon… I’m suspicious of anyone referencing “white supremacists”. I’ve been alive over 50 years and have never met a white supremacist. If they’re out there, they don’t seem a big enough demographic for any candidate to court. Having lived through the Tea Party era, I know many people who attended Tea Party meetings were tarred as being “racists” though they were nothing of the kind. “Racist”, “white supremacists”, this is name calling, in the eye of the beholder, and often says more about the person doing the name calling than it does about the target.
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chris-tar edit delete reply
Thank you for pointing out what the MSM never will.
AmeliaP edit delete reply
AmeliaP edit delete reply
"I’ve been alive over 50 years and have never met a white supremacist."
I've been alive a little less than that and I found one in my high school days... in Brazil XDDD (the world largest German colony - not saying Germans are racists. Just saying I found one and he was legit as a white supremacist).