Comic 14 - Civil Rights Cards #2
13th Sep 2018, 7:38 PM
Civil Rights Cards #2
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You’re beyond me there. Where my understanding of the era is coming from is the autobiography of Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King’s right hand man -- back from a time when Martin hadn’t yet captured the world’s attention, all the way through to his death.

Abernathy and Martin didn’t care at all for what they were seeing in Chicago, where blacks were idle and being warehoused in tenements… the welfare state. After Martin’s death Abernathy supported Reagan’s candidacy, and Reagan, of course, would lean more toward the opportunity to work than handouts.

The big surprise in the book was how Jesse Jackson (democrat) would cement his position as unofficial spokesperson for black America rather than Abernathy (republican). Immediately following the assassination of MLK, Jesse appeared before television cameras blood-splattered. Abernathy, however, said Jesse was never near the body. He has no idea where the blood came from, but is certain it wasn’t Martin’s.
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Chippewa Ghost
So you would agree that under certain circumstances local political control must be overridden by Federal authorities? Or more specifically, what's your opinion on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the consequences of Shelby County v. Holder?
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for those who would like to know: